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REVIEW: Kids Choice Awards Red Carpet Fashion

Naomi Scott

The Aladdin star is letting us all know that she is going to be a fashion power player this season. A gorgeous play on casual-cool street style with an effortless model-off-duty vibe.

Vogue described her Valentino fresh-off-the-runway look as " the perfect mash-up of couture and sportswear details - an oversized hoodie with an orange feather overcoat"

DJ Khaled, Asahd, and Nicole Tuck

Mixing designers, prints, and textures, but keeping one thing uniform between the three of them: highlighter yellow nikes.

Jennifer Hudson

In Louboutins, ill fitting trousers that TRULY had potential, and a cheap looking square neck bodysuit leaving all of us wondering: is your tailor on vacation or are you trying to be a "what you order online vs . when it arrived" meme IRL?

Lana Condor

Where are you going girl? The peasant blouse and just-a-smidge-too-long sporty trousers are sending your look into different directions... wait no, different dimensions! This To All The Boys I've Loved Before star looks like she is done being stuck between two suitors and moved on to getting stuck between two stylists.

Kiernan Shipka

Little Miss Sabrina the Teenage Witch showed up in this Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2019 mixed media mini-dress. During the show her dress made it out without a drop of slime on it... What a shame.

Joey King

In ready to wear, fresh off the runway Jacquemus (even down to that itsy bitsy mini bag), Joey King stole the show. This look is far more mature than anything she's shown before with these wide leg leather pants and leather piped harness depicting a more grown up and sexy look while still staying conservative. Maybe I will watch her new Hulu series...

Jojo Siwa

This girl is a child and she's got more of a cashflow than any of us will ever have. I'll allow the rainbows and all for now. NEXT.

David Dobrik

I honestly just included David so that I could truly express my love for him and his videos. Cheers!

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