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M Boutique Summer Lookbook

Outfit #1

Top: $59

Denim: $108

Belt: $25

This top is so unique I love it! I wore it out this week and got so many compliments! The jeans are my favourite: Levis Mile High. They're super high waisted, stretchy, and long enough to reach down to my ankles (which is hard to achieve because my legs are about a mile long). The belt has been a closet essential for the summer, I think it just ties every look together. Plus, its just dainty enough to pair with girly dresses and skirts!

Outfit #2

Top: $59

Pants: $79

I just love the Drama of these pants! They come in white and red/orange and I feel like they could be paired with a cute blazer and bodysuit for work, or with an itsy-bitsy crop top for the weekends!

Outfit #3

Blazer: $89


Trousers $69

Is this a power suit or is this a power suit? Its a beige-y pink that is the perfect mix of girly and professional. I love how high up the pants rise!

Outfit #4

Blazer: $99

Bodysuit: $39

Skirt: $79

Midi length skirts and dresses have been my essentials this summer. This white skirt just goes perfectly with every outfit- I love edging it up with dark hardware accessories!

Hope you enjoyed!


Alysha Autumn

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