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The Business School Production Line

Seeing double? The variety in business professional attire seems to be non-existent.

In programs where the standard is business professional, students often find themselves appearing as though they are donning a costume losing all personality and lustre. My advice to the students within this realm is to inject abit of your own personality into everything you wear. Sometimes in schools on a larger scale we as individuals begin to feel as though we arejust another item on the production line- but that doesn't have to be the cae. Don't be a photocopy of everyone else in the room. Getting stuck in a constant rotation of grey, black, and navy, shirt, pants, skirt, and blouse is tiresome and boring.

If you're just starting out and need some staples to start up your new workwear wardrobe, look no further than this handy-dandy guide:

Spicy Workwear one-o-one

Invest in a good blazer, something that is versatile and can be worn many ways (even casually!!!). My personal favourite fits are at M Boutique ($) and Aritzia($$$)

COLOUR! As fore-mentioned, plain black, grey, and navy business attire is so, well, tired.  Follow the seasonal trends and find out what  compliments your tones best. Check out these sunny wide leg trousers!

Don't be afraid of prints! They spice up every outfit and help to show a little bit of personality! My current favourite prints are micro-houndstooth and snake print!

Shoes are the first thing I look at, and to be frank, ballet flats are ugly and we all know it. Comfort can be found in other shoes, but before your go for that alternative to nursing sneakers, ask yourself, "what kind of statement do I want to make?". For me, a pointed toe stiletto is always my shoe of choice, but I understand, sometimes that isn't always feasible. Those 8 hour work days running around only to give me blisters, aches, and callouses- sometimes it's not worth it, so that is when I reach for a chunkier heel, or a classic Gucci inspired loafer. Aldo is 100% my favourite place to get affordable, decently made footwear. 

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