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My Opinions on Campus Fashion

side note: exams aren't an excuse to stop showering or changing your clothes #sorrynotsorry

Campus fashion falls upon a wide spectrum.  Some people that treat the ivy covered buildings and cobblestone walkways as as their personal Chanel SS19 runway, whereas most others view it as an extension of their dorm rooms. As you may be able to tell from the this website, I do not join the latter group. I believe that  everyday is an opportunity to dress your best. Comfort doesn't have to be sacrificed in the name of fashion. There are  simple elevation steps you can take when shopping to bring your daily library fits from frumpy to chic.

Since elementary school,  I had promised myself that I would never wear sweatpants/pajamas in public. As I got older I thought those around me would follow suit as well, but especially since arriving at university I have noticed that it would not be the case. If you're desperately craving the soft embrace of those flannel PJ pants, try switching them out for some wide leg linen trousers (they literally feel like you're wearing pjs!!!).

Hoodies are a campus staple, getting a well fitting sweater makes all the difference.  Topshop offers great unique options as well as tons of classics. I am so over seeing ratty highschool sweaters rotting in the library, its time to grow up and move past the need to be seen as the relentlessly hardworking student that never changes their clothes or leaves the library.

Listen... the first time I was on campus and I saw someone walk by in a unicorn onesie, I was speechless 😶 . I'm more accustomed to it now but like...should I be? PLEASE someone tell me where it is that you go where you're supposed to show up looking like an adult baby so that I can avoid it at all costs. If you desperately need help putting a top and bottom together, maybe opt for a jumpsuit! It is an instant outfit with little to no effort; just add accessories!

To conclude, if donning a pair of patent leather pants and stillettos for your nine AM is not the move for you, I get it, but at least some sort of effort shows a level of professionalism and respect that I believe should always be present on campus.



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